Giant’s tools are 100% made in North America, ensuring high quality and traceability, full certification including Mill Test Reports (MTR’s), Certificate of Conformance, Certificate of Origin, Function Test and Pressure Test Results are available free of charge upon request for each order and are kept on file and available on request at any time in the future.

Giant can manufacture and supply tools from premium materials: 9Cr 1Mo L-80, 13 CR, Incoloy, Inconel, K-500 Monel, 17-4 PH, and 316 SS. Premium thread connections like: Tenaris-Hydril, Vam and Hunting connections are available upon request. Special elastomers are available: AFLAS, Viton and HSN are available along with non-alastomeric seal stacks and also following categories:


Sliding Sleeves                                                                                   Landing Nipples

  • GFD Sliding Sleeve
  • GFU Sliding Sleeve
  • GL Sliding Sleeve
  • GORA Sliding Sleeve
  • GORO Sliding Sleeve
  • GXA Sliding Sleeve
  • GXO Sliding Sleeve
  • NEFD-2 Sliding Sleeve
  • NEFU-2 Sliding Sleeve
  • NERA-2 Sliding Sleeve
  • NERO-2 Sliding Sleeve
  • NEXA-2 Sliding Sleeve
  • NEXO-2 Sliding Sleeve
  • Hydraulic Sliding Sleeve

Wireline Tools, Shifting Tools, On-Off Tools, Tubing Anchors, Mechanical Packers, Hydraulic Packers and Tubulars.

  • Top-No-Go
  • Bottom No-Go
  • Selective
Hydraulic Sliding Sleeve (HSSD):
Looking to improve the downhole control efficiency and the recovery from your wells?
Giant Oil Tools has developed a fully integrated system with slim size Orion sleeve allowing to selectively control injection/production in
horizontal and vertical well with liners as small as 4-1/2″ (114.3 mm) with no interventions. 
Watch our new video to learn about the solution and benefits:


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