Our humble beginnings are found deep in the oil patch, working from the ground up. 

Discovering an opportunity to make a difference in our industry by developing superior tools.

Our mission was now clear … we will build …

giant oil tools

Now 14 years later …

Building on research, development, refinement, and a desire to make something we can authentically stand behind.

Giant Oil Tools Ltd., is now a leading supplier of conventional upper and lower completion tools to the North American and international markets. 

built in
north americasupplying the world

Giant keeps a large inventory of standard flow control tools and completion packers in stock, enabling quick delivery anywhere in the world.

Giant also prides itself on being able to manufacture and ship custom orders in 3-4 weeks.


Calgary, Canada

Coatings Division

Edmonton, Alberta

West Texas

Odessa, Texas

South Texas

Victoria, Texas


Oklahoma City



Giant’s tools are 100% made in North America, ensuring high quality and traceability, full certification including Mill Test Reports (MTR’s), Certificate of Conformance, Certificate of Origin, Function Test and Pressure Test Results are available free of charge upon request for each order and are kept on file and available on request at any time in the future.

Why You Should choose Giant OIL Tools

We know superior tools and a dedication to delivering exceptional service is a good foundation.

Looking for a better bottom line, sourcing all your essential tools from GIANT is efficient and cost-effective.

Now you can concentrate your finite manufacturing space on your more specialized product development.

Certified Materials


Complete Material Tracking


Dedication to Exceptional Service