Wireline Shifting Tools
Wireline Shifting Tools

Technical Information

The Giant Oil Tools Ltd., Model "B" Shifting Tool is designed to selectively locate and shift most sliding sleeves. This is accomplished by the "B" Shifting Tool keys engaging the Inner Sleeve of the Sliding Sleeve, depending on the direction the tool is run, up or down, the sleeve is shifted. Giant Oil Tools Ltd., Model "B" Shifting Tools are supplied standard with self-releasing keys, allowing the shifting tool to disengage the Sliding Sleeve it is shifting after opening of closing the sliding sleeve. Self-releasing keys also allow multiple Sliding Sleeves to be shifted in 1 trip. Giant Oil Tools Ltd., Model "B" Shifting Tools can be supplied dressed with "Shear-To-Release," keys allowing the Shifting Tool to shift only 1 Sliding Sleeve before requiring replacing of the shear pin. "Shear-To-Release," keys give positive shift indication.

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