GORN Landing Nipple

Technical Information

The Giant Oil Tools Ltd., Model "GORN" Bottom No-Go Non-Ported Landing Nipple is a tubing nipple for use with bottom no-go locking devices only. The "GORN" Nipple is designed to be used in the heaviest weight, higher rated pressure tubing. It has a seal bore, bottom no-go shoulder, and a locking groove. The Model "GORN" nipple locates, seals, and retains flow control accessories that have a bottom no-go locking device. The accessories are run and retrieved on wireline. "GORN" Landing Nipples are typically located at the bottom of the tubing string as the last profile, with only a wireline re-entry guide lower in the tubing string.

Caution must be taken if placing a "GORN" Bottom No-Go Landing Nipples at any point other than the last profile in the tubing string to ensure clearance for the passage of wireline tools to Landing Nipple profiles below the "GORN" Bottom No-Go Landing Nipple.

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