G1-X 10K Packer

Technical Information

The G1-X is the most versatile of the mechanically set retrievable packers and may be used in any production application. Treating, testing, injecting, pumping wells, flowing wells, deep or shallow, the G1-X is suited. The packer can be left in tension or compression, depending on well conditions and the required application. A large internal bypass reduces swabbing when running and retrieving. The bypass closes when the packer is set and opens prior to releasing the upper slips when retrieving to allow pressure equalization. The J-Slot design allows easy setting and releasing; 1/4 turn right-hand set, right-hand release.

G1-X 10K packers incorporate all the features of the G1-X 7K packers, with the ability to withstand pressure from above or below with differential pressures of 10,000 PSI.

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Pricing Information

Tool Properties Price
Casing Size:
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Thread Connection:
G1-X 10K Packer Standard Kit
Includes: Wicker Slips and Standard Drag Blocks
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G1-X 10K Packer Carbide Slips Kit
Includes: Carbide Slips & Standard Drag Blocks
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G1-X 10K Packer Full Carbide Upgrade Kit
Includes: Carbide Slips & Carbide Drag Blocks
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