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Giant Oil Tools Products

Giant's tools are 100% made in North America, ensuring high quality and traceability, full certification including Mill Test Reports (MTR's), Certificate of Conformance, Certificate of Origin, Function Test and Pressure Test Results are available free of charge upon request for each order and are kept on file and available on request at any time in the future.

Giant can manufacture and supply tools from premium materials: 9Cr 1Mo L-80, 13 CR, Incoloy, Inconel, K-500 Monel, 17-4 PH, and 316 SS. Premium thread connections like: Tenaris-Hydril, Vam and Hunting connections are available upon request. Special elastomers are available: AFLAS, Viton and HSN are available along with non-alastomeric seal stacks.

Sliding Sleeves (SSD) & Shifting Tools

  • Standard: GXA, GXO, GA, GO, GORA, GORO, GL, GFU and GFD
  • Non-Elastromeric: GMD, GMU,NEXA, NEXO, NERA, NERO, NEFU and NEFD

Landing (Profile) Nipples

  • GX, GXN, GOR, GORN, GF and GR

Blanking Plugs


On-Off Tools

  • T-2 Style, 1.900" - 5-1/2" Left Hand & Right Hand Release
  • Extended Length


  • G1-X Double Grip Mechanical Set Packer, 7.5K and 10K, 3-1/2" - 9-5/8"
  • GR-3 Single and Double Grip Packers 4-1/2" - 9 5/8"
  • GA-2 Lock-Set Packer 4-1/2" - 9-5/8"
  • GD-1 Tension Packer, 2-7/8" - 9-5/8"
  • GC-1 Tubing Anchor Catcher 4-1/2" - 7"
  • GB-2 Tubing Anchor Catcher 4-1/2" - 7"

Service Tools

  • GCW and GWR Retrievable Bridge Plugs, 4-1/2" - 7"
  • GTXT Squeeze Packer, 4-1/2" - 7"
  • Casing Scrapers

Tubular Goods

  • Flow Couplings / Blast Joints
  • Pup Joints
  • Crossover Subs
  • Wireline Re-Entry Guides

Other Tools: Jet Pumps, Shear Out Safety Joints, Tubing Drains, and much much more.